Driver Terms & Conditions for SpottyCars, London’s brightest company for local mini cabs in NW1.

Details about the Driver Bonus Scheme

This bonus scheme is for new Spotty Cars sub-contracted Drivers.

For the sake of clarity the following definitions will apply to this bonus scheme.



  •  “Company” = Spotty Cars.


  •  “Driver” = A Self-employed Driver wishing to be sub-contracted by the Company.


  •  “15 Weeks” = Means 15 “worked weeks” and not 15 consecutive weeks.


  •  “Worked Week” = Means the Driver or Referred Driver is operational and working and has paid his circuit fee and equipment hire fee in full with no refunds.



Scheme Rules

1. For the avoidance of doubt, the Driver must still be sub-contracted and working with the Company at the time the bonus is due for payment. There will be no entitlement to the bonus if the person is no longer contracted with the Company.

2. This bonus scheme will remain in place and be reviewed annually on the 1st April. The Company retains the right to modify, withdraw or replace the Scheme at any time and will ensure that, if they do so, all bonuses in the pipeline are honoured.

3. The bonus payment will apply to a Driver on the first time of joining Spotty Cars.

4. Drivers who leave and rejoin at a later date will not be able to claim the bonus again.

5. The Driver must work and pay circuit fees and equipment hire fees for 15 weeks. The equivalent of 15 Worked Weeks.

6. The Driver must complete his 15 Worked Weeks within 6 months of his start date.



Bonus Payments

1. When the driver has paid 15 full weeks circuit fee and equipment hire fee, the Company will validate the bonus.

2. When the bonus of £100 is deemed payable, the Company will credit the driver £100 towards his circuit fee.

3. This bonus is not exchangeable for cash. The cash equivalent is £0.01.