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SpottyCars Go The Extra Mile


They are so helpful

“I always use SpottyCars to pick me up with my shopping, and the drivers are so helpful. One day when I had more bags than I could carry, the driver, Igor, insisted on carrying everything up to my second-floor flat, and wouldn’t even take a tip.

It’s easy to spot the difference when the drivers are so helpful.”

Natalia, 25
Shopper and Mother

Spotting The Sights

London Minicab for sightseeingSeeing London in a SpottyCar was an attraction in itself!

“As part of our trip to London we visited Camden and saw our first SpottyCar. We downloaded the app and spent the rest of our vacation showing up at all the sights in real style, without the hassle of crowded public transport, no waiting and the coolest car! Our friends back home loved our pics on Facebook – you should start SpottyCars in New York!”

Ben & Stacey, 30
Happy Couple

We Love SpottyCars

Family Friendly Minicabs. SpottyCarsI like the cars, but Abby likes the spots best.

“Daddy says he likes SpottyCars because they know how to look after families, and he says because we’re princesses we have to go in the best cars.

But me and Abby like guessing what colour the spots will be, and waving at the other SpottyCars we see when we’re going along.

I’ve got a book where I write down what SpottyCars I’ve been in – I’m up to 11 already!”

Daisy, 7
SpottyCar spotter and Big Sister

Easy To Spot!

SpottyCars is the safest minicab and private hire taxi company in Camden, LondonI always know when my car is here.

“My text said ‘Your SpottyCar has arrived – it’s Jay, in pink SpottyCar number 93’.

I love that! Every minicab company sends you a text when the car is on its way, but they always say something like, ‘Your car is outside, it’s a grey Toyota Avensis’.  The problem is, I can’t tell one car from another, and there are lots of grey and silver ones outside.

You hear some horrible stories about unlicensed cars picking people up, but with SpottyCars I don’t have to worry about getting into the wrong one. Mine’s the one with the pink spots!”

Sue, 24
Art Student, Clubber and Daughter

The Cakes Are Alright

Private Hire taxi London Camden We trust SpottyCars with our livelihood!

“At our bakery we make some pretty outstanding creations – even if I say so myself.

These cakes take hours of care and attention, so when it’s time to deliver them to our customers we don’t want to take any chances.

That’s why we have an account with SpottyCars. They always deliver on time and in perfect condition. And if they take this much care of a cake, you just know they’ll take care of you and your family.”

Joe, 42
Baker and Father